Parent Newsletter November 22nd, 2021

November 22, 2021

Hello Gilham Families, 

School Hours — 

Monday – Thursday classes start at 7:55 and end at  2:25.

Friday classes start at 7:55 and end at 1:10.

Doors open at 7:40.  

Class starts at 7:55 and students should be in the classroom at that time.  

Schools Open Day Before Thanksgiving — 4J schools are scheduled to hold a regular school day on Wednesday, Nov. 24, the day before Thanksgiving. Families were alerted at the start of November that schools could be closed on Wednesday, but the school board elected to consider other no-school days instead.  See the 4J Website for additional information. 

Side Parking Lot — The side parking lot is not for student drop off and pick up.  This is a safety concern when we have cars pulling in and around buses to get into this lot.  The side parking lot is where staff and some of the daycare vans park.  Parents need to use the main parking lot in front of the building.  

Electronic devices — To prevent distractions to student learning, cell phones, all electronic devices, and toys are prohibited during school hours. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen devices. Students may have a cell phone/electronic device, or toys on their person that is turned off and out of sight from 7:30 a.m. to 2:25 p.m. Students who need to contact a parent/guardian, must use the school phone in the main office. If an electronic device makes itself evident visually or auditorily, the consequences will be the following:

Upon the first infraction, the cell phone and/or electronic device or toy will be confiscated and held in the main office. A parent or guardian must pick it up. If a second infraction occurs, administration will determine the consequence. Multiple infractions can result in a permanent banning of a cell phone or the need for the student to check in their phone at the office each day.

Watches with cellular capabilities are considered to be under the same parameters as cell phones. They should be off or away during the school day. They may not be worn in class or out to recesses.  

Messages for Students– Please make sure that your child knows what they will be expected to do when the school day is over before they leave home in the morning. Staff are not available to hand deliver messages throughout the day and when the bell rings at the end of the school day it becomes quite difficult to reach individual children that we have taken messages for. We will be happy to deliver messages in an EMERGENCY situation, but if at all possible please make sure that your child(ren) knows who will pick them up, if they should walk home, or ride the bus before they leave for school.

Reminder about iPads — Students need to bring their iPads to school daily.  They need to be charged and ready for the day.  We have a limited number of extras and chargers in the building which means we may not be able to loan them one to use during the day.  Work with your student to start a routine to charge it at night and to put it in their backpack in the morning.  

Lunch Menu —  Make sure you filter for Gilham —

Stay tuned and visit the school district website for the latest information. 

Important Dates — 

11/25 – 26 — No School — Thanksgiving Break

12/18-1/2 — No School, Winter Break

1/3 —  No School —  Professional Development/Planning Day

Lavinia Page 


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